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Warren L. Wise   Over the years, Mauldin developed an interest in creating a product that not only played to his fishing prowess but also his artistic side.





“It started as a hobby along with my real job,” he said.

With the first few, he gave them away as gifts, but family and friends soon coaxed him into trying to sell them as a side business.

“People would say it would be a great groomsmen’s gift,” Mauldin said. “People give ties and pocket knives, and those are nice gifts, but I thought this was such an original idea.”

Around 2010-11, the idea’s momentum began to pick up. “That’s when I felt this could be something more than a hobby,” he said.

Gradually, Mauldin began selling them. He’s now sold about 1,000 and recently picked up an order from high-end, outdoor fishing, hunting and sporting goods retailer Orvis for about 250 after company CEO Perk Perkins visited his booth at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston in February.

“I didn’t know who he was,” Mauldin said, “but I could tell he liked the product.”

The next day, representatives from Orvis visited his booth to tell him Perkins was interested in carrying his buckles and belts.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “It was great. That exposure helped a lot. And I’ll be back next year for sure.”

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