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The Cocker Spaniel is a breed of Gun Dog, good natured and compactly built. The American Cocker Spaniel was developed from the English Cocker Spaniel in the 19th century to retrieve quail, woodcock and other upland game birds. Don't be fooled, as Cockers are also known to be excellent waterdogs and make a great companion in the duck blind too! Needless to say,  the Cocker Spaniel has proven to be as good a hunter as its retriever relative the Boykin Spaniel. There are many varieties of Cocker Spaniels and all are considered compassionate, loyal, and kind pets. 

Show your love of the many great hunts and memorable retrieves with this handsome Cocker Spaniel Buckle. 


Each buckle is handmade from Tumbaga, a blend of silver, gold, and brass. All designs are branded with our HNH signature to ensure origin and numerical lineage. Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight variations will occur. Over time each buckle captures a unique colorful patina emulating the simple details of the Cocker Spaniel's handsome features.


      Size 2" up from actual waist on belt strap sizing for this buckle to fit comfortably and  allow growing room.
  • Belt buckle & strap sold separately
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 3.25” x 1.24”
  • Approximately 3.37 ounces. 
  • Allow 4" from actual waist size for belt strap sizing.

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